The Hacienda San Tomás

A community for adults with intellectual disabilities

The Hacienda San Tomás will include up to 20 apartments, each with bedroom, bathroom, living-room and kitchenette. It will be built in Spanish colonial style but using modular units for affordability and energy efficiency. Residents will be adults with intellectual disabilities who choose a more independent lifestyle, with appropriate support at hand.

The Hacienda will include LaSala Community Center with offices, meeting and relaxation spaces, kitchen and restaurant-style meal setting. A coffee shop, B&B and housing for Caretakers and Volunteers are included in the plan for the Hacienda.

Answering a Question

The most common question of parents with a child with Down syndrome or other intellectual disability is this:  "Who cares for our son or daughter after we're gone?"

The Hacienda can answer this question for families. It can provide a lovely setting with easy access to local jobs, churches, shops and recreation facilities. It will offer both housing and a small professional staff for needed support. [Information on residency will be posted soon, but interested families can click here to contact us.]

Addressing a Need with the Hacienda San Tomás

There is a critical shortage of housing options for people with intellectual disabilities. Government supported programs tend to be under-funded, over-regulated and diminishing in availability. Private-pay options are often excellent but too expensive for most families. 

The Hacienda is intended as a wonderful home for some with disabilities, but is also conceived of as a template for others; one that is Replicable, Adaptable and Affordable:

  • Replicable: it can be done by others without costing millions

  • Adaptable: it can serve different populations, e.g. people with Down syndrome who can live quite independently or people who need more intensive support

  • Affordable: residency isn't just for the very wealthy