The demand for affordable, sustainable, supportive housing for adults with disabilities is staggering. There are five million adults with IDD in the US and one million of them live with caregivers age 60 or older. More than 50,000 individuals with autism reach adulthood every year. The wait for Medicaid waiver funding to pay for supports for these adults to live away from their family home is more than 13 years in some states.


We’re parents ourselves of adults with disabilities. We help parents solve the challenge of “where will my son or daughter live after I am gone?” Point Rider’s mission is to guide families and organizations to create affordable, sustainable, supportive housing options for adults with IDD.

Point Rider provides pro bono information and referrals and contracted project management and technical advisory services to take your housing vision from concept development through grand opening and occupancy

What we've done

  • Designed and built Down Home Ranch, a unique Texas ranch that 40 adults with IDD call home.

  • Designed an LTO Ventures “live, work, play” community for 100+ neurodiverse residents currently under development.

  • Designed the Hacienda San Tomas, a 10-to-20 unit apartment setting ideal for urban locations close to services and amenities.

Point Rider can help save you years of effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars in making your vision a reality.

Ready to get started?

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